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Winter Pamper Routine Saviours

December 11, 2016

Hello my loves. There’s nothing i love more than a little ‘me’ time when i’m feeling down or in need of a little TLC. I find that the winter months can really take it’s toll on my hair and skin with the temperature dropping. So more than ever i love having a foolproof pamper routine. Here’s some of my saviours.


Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask
A good face mask is essential to a good pamper routine. I tend to change what mask i’m using up often depending on what my skin needs. In the winter months my skin lacks a lot of moisture so I’ve been loving this mask from Garnier, it leaves my skin feeling so hydrated and really brightens up my completion. 

Osmo Intense Deep Repair Mask

Along with a face mask a must is also a hair mask. My all time favourite is this offering from Osmo. It makes my dry and dull tresses turn into shiny, soft and healthy locks.

West Lab Soothing Dead Sea Epsom Salts

If you suffer from eczema or any other dry skin conditions you NEEEEEED these bath salts. I take a long soak in them to chill out in the evenings and they really help to relieve itchy skin and helps to hydrate the skin without irritating it. 

Lush Bath Bombs/Bubble Bars

The perfect ingredient for a pamper night. I love lush’s bath products. They have so many to offer, they all smell amazing and turn your bath pretty colours. Sounds great huh? At the moment i’m loving their Christmas collection, especially the father Christmas bath bomb!

Biore Nose Pore Stripes

These stripes are perfect for unclogging pores and removing blackheads. It’s so satisfying seeing all the junk on the strip once you’ve pulled it off!

The Body Shop Body Butters

Hands down the best body butters out their. They are so hydrating and are perfect this time of year to relieve dry skin. My favourite scent is the raspberry one, but they all smell divine 

Soap and Glory Heel Genius Foot Cream

Yes i know feet are gross. However why not make them a little bit nicer by actually keeping them hydrated and stop the skin cracking. We all have our skincare routines but the feet always get neglected. I love this cream from soap and glory, it smells really fresh and doesn’t leave your feet feeling slippery or sticky. 

What are your winter pamper routine saviours?

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