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Tips And Tricks For Newbie Bloggers | Blogging Basics

April 30, 2017

Hello my lovelies, so i recently took a big leap in my blogging journey and finally bit the bullet and brought a domain. Welcome to the new swanky looking url – Feeling like a big girl blogger it prompted me to write a post about how i’ve found the blogging world as a newbie blogger and to share some of the tips and tricks that got me up and running.

I started my blog back in September 2016. I had a blog back in 2009 that was quite honestly embarrassing and is now completely deleted. I started a new as i knew it was something i really wanted to do. I love all things beauty and i wanted an outlet to share my love and low and behold my blog was ‘born’.

My blog has come a long way since September, I do blogging mainly for my own pleasure but it’s so reassuring to know it’s actually getting read. My followers are increasing daily and i feel confident in my content.

I thought i would share with you a few of my tips for newbie bloggers that i think personally has made my blog what it is…

Blogging Basics

Blog Name – Make it something snappy, but think long and hard about it because it’s going to be your main identification.

Blogging Platform – there are 2 main blogging platforms out there, blogger and WordPress. Both are great, personally I’m on blogger as I love how simple it is to use and I like that I can integrate my google accounts.

Blog theme

Blogger and WordPress have their own templates that are great but they are basic. There are millions of beautiful free themes on the web that you can use, however if you don’t mind spending money on one then I recommend taking a look at they have some amazing responsive templates that are only a few £’s.

Make it responsive – you want a good responsive theme as it will help your readers engage with your blog and makes you look super swish.
Pick a colour palette – pick 2/3 colours that will run throughout your blog. Too much colour can be overwhelming and not enough will look bland. I stuck to black, white, peach and pink.
Have your social media icons in sight – there’s nothing worse then going on a blog and have to search high and low for their social media icons.


Now this is something that’s not entirely compulsory but it helps. Having a domain makes your blog look more professional and looks more appealing to brands. I didn’t personally get a domain till recently and I wish I did it earlier! I host my domain with it was super cheap, a little fiddly to set up but the free tech support team was on hand to help out.


Make your content engaging and worthwhile
Always think ‘if this was on someone else’s blog, would I read it?’ it’s a good to take a step back and view your blog as the second person.
Take your time, it’s better to post one really amazing post then 10 rushed not to so good posts.
Set a schedule, you don’t have to blog everyday but post frequent enough. I blog 3/4 times a week and I think this works well for me. Setting a schedule will also let your readers know when to expect new content.
Read it back and spell check – so so so important! You don’t have to be the most literate person ever i mean i probably need more punctuation here and there but hey! Just make sure that you read your post back to make sure it flows nicely and that there aren’t any miss spellings.
Use links where needed – If you are writing a product post make sure to link where to find said product so that your readers can check it out for themselves. However make sure you know the territory on affiliate links.

Social Media

Social media is my blogs main traffic source, my blog wouldn’t be where it is without the likes of twitter and Instagram. Once you’ve created your blog i urge you to make social media pages under the same name asap to really promote your blog. If you can try to keep your username the same across all platforms so that you are instantly recognisable.

Interact with your readers and always make sure to reply to blog post comments
Interact with other bloggers, read and comment on their blog post’s of you liked them. Follow them on all their social media platforms and interact there it’s a great way to make friends!
Join the twitter chats! I love engaging in twitter chats as I love interacting with other bloggers, not to mention they are always fun! My favourites are #GRLPOWR #BDIB and #TheGirlGang
Post often but don’t spam! Instagram is good for 1/2 times a day, twitter at least 5 times and Pinterest 10+ a day
Interact with brands – Uploaded a product photo to Instagram? Tag the brand! There’s a chance they might see it and repost giving you free traffic!


Your photography is one of the most important aspects of your blog. Blogs are visual so having good photos is a must. It’s a blogging myth that you need to have a expensive swanky camera to take all your photos, I personally use my iPhone and I know many other amazing bloggers who do.

Lighting is key, natural day light is the best time lighting to take photos.
Make them interesting – use props that relate to the content of the post or that follow a colour scheme.
Always edit them – sometimes you might find that your photos don’t take much editing but always take the time to make a few tweaks such as the brightness and contrast.
Make your photos the same time size. There’s nothing worse than a blog post with different size photos as it make the post look messy. Keep them all the same way around (landscape or portrait) and the same size. This will give your blog a professional uniform feel which is really aesthetically pleasing.


Check out my ‘blogging apps you need post‘ to see my top must have apps for bloggers
Utilise pinterest – search for things you are not sure about, pinterest has an abundance of help pins for bloggers.
Ask other bloggers – Most blogger are super friendly and wouldn’t mind answering any of your questions. I’ve found that the blogging world really isn’t as competitive as i thought it once was.

I hope you found this post useful or learnt something from it. I found that these are the most basic topics of knowledge for beginners of course there’s so much more to learn but i’ll leave it at that today so your brain’s can have a rest! Feel free to ask any questions and good luck!


  • VioletDaffodils

    May 6, 2017 at 2:47 pm

    This is such great advice! I've found these tips really useful 😀 thanks so much for sharing!


  • Rainbow imagine

    May 9, 2017 at 9:25 am

    Your an angel for sharing this. I had such a hard time when I started out.
    I am still growing and learning. Thank you!

  • My Many Loves

    May 9, 2017 at 4:13 pm

    Aww I'm glad I could help! ?

  • My Many Loves

    May 9, 2017 at 4:13 pm

    Oh you're welcome, I found it tricky starting out so I'm glad I could help! ?

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