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The Ordinary Skincare

January 31, 2017

Hello my lovlies. Unless you’ve been living under a rock in the beauty world lately, you’ll know skincare heroes brand Deciem took the beauty world by storm with the launch of their ‘The Ordinary‘ line.

The ordinary is a line that offers premium skincare ingredents at a small price. The ordinary’s ethos believes that we shouldn’t be paying into a brand name to get quality products. The ordinary has changed the game by making high quality skincare avalible to everyone.
The ordinary really took off and most items sold out instantly. Not to mention they have Wayne Goss on board who has been raving non stop. Wayne was in fact the person who pushed me to place an order.
I browsed their products and almost felt a little overwhealmed as their are a lot of products which i didn’t quite understand on what did what, or what my skin really needed. However the ordinary site has a really helpful regime guide that based on you skin concerns/needs it recommends products suited to you. 
As i have dry/sensitive and dehydrated skin i got matched with products suited to my concerns. I ended up picking up the Hyaluronic acid + B5 2%, the 100% coldpressed Moroccan argan oil and the high adherence primer.
As mentioned my skin is very dry/dehydrated. For me the stand out products has been the hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid helps the skin lock in moisture and has anti ageing properties. I’ve been applying a few drops morning and night post cleansing and my skin has never felts so hydrated and plump, to the point where people are actually commenting on the appearance of my skin which might i add, never happens!!
Next up is the Moroccan oil. I’ve been loving using this mixed into my make up routine. I often mix the oil with foundation to create a dewy, skin like texture. I find it’s done wonders for some of my thicker textured foundations that take extra time to blend i.e Mac studio fix. I’ve also been trying out the instagram craze of applying a few drops to a beauty blender to help blend out the foundation and that’s worked amazing too! I’ll definitely be repurchasing. 
Last up is the high adherence primer, now this little guy took ages to arrive as it was on pre order only. Everyone has been going crazy for it and i know why. The primer has a very silicone like texture, this works great to fill in your pores and even out the texture of your skin. As the name suggests it has a very high adherence and makeup just sticks to it, lasting all day. I find day to day i don’t tend to need it but for special evens/occasions or situations where i know i need full proof makeup this is my go to straight away. 
Now heres the best part. The hyaluronic acid and Moroccan oil cost a mere £5.90 and the primer just £3.90. Mind boggling. I really believe in the ordinary’s ethos. There are a lot of brands out their that are charging extortionate prices when it’s not necessary just because or the branding. I believe that the ordinary has created a new world and it’s already proven that it’s taken off with most products constantly on pre order and the response has been overwhelming. 
I urge to check out the ordinary’s website, you won’t regret it!

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