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The £5 Tan To Rival Them All

April 23, 2018

Hello my lovelies! So recently I’ve got my tanning routine down to a T and i’m loving it. I’ve always been a fan of Bondi sands and St. Tropez when it comes to my tan of choice however there’s a new gang on the block. Low and behold superdrug’s own line ‘Solait’. Solait i believe has been around for a long time,but they reformulated and re-packaged everything last year. The best thing about this line also is that everything is under £5! I’ve been using the tanning lotion for a good year now and i’m still obsessed, so i recently ventured out into a few more from the line and added them to my routine.

For days where i’m in a rush or i need to tan last minute I’ve been reaching for the Express Tanning Mousse in Dark. You get a gorgeous dark tan in just 3 hours, and it saves the hassle of having to sleep in the tan and wash it off in the morning. For lazy gals this is a dream. The colour payoff is beautiful, not at all orange nor too green looking. It lasts for a good week on my skin and doesn’t wear off patchy. As with all the products in the solait range it has a lovely tropical scent so no more smelling like biscuits or curry!

As i mention my holy grail from solait is the Bronzing Lotion in Dark. It was the first item i picked up from the line and what got me hooked. For £4.99 you simply can’t beat it. As with the mousse it has a gorgeous colour and lasts really well. Being a lotion consistency i do find this a bit more hydrating than a mousse, which in the winter my skin loves! My only complaint if you can even call it that is that i wish they carried an ultra dark shade. I do find this tan dark and it’s enough but i would love an even darker shade for summer.

As someone with sensitive skin on their face i know the battle of breaking out when i use fake tan on my face. Where i can i try to opt for an additional tan especially formulated for the face. Solait carries just this, the Overnight Tanning Mask . I really love the colour and glow this gives my skin, it’s not at all dark when you wake up but it just gradually builds up to a gorgeous colour. It doesn’t break me out nor does it leave my skin feeling tight or clogged. Winner!

Newest to my collection is the Tan Pro Longer. At first i wasn’t quite sure on what this actually was, but after having a play around i’ve got to know it. Think of it as a tan topper upper (yes that’s a word…), it works like a gradual tanner in that it builds colour gradually. Once i do my whole tan application i use this on the days following to keep my tan looking fresh and to pro long the colour. This has become my new best friend as it cuts down on how soon i have to re apply the whole of my tan.

Another little extra i picked up recently are the Self Tan Remover Sponges, i can’t seem to find a link on the superdrug site but i picked mine up in store. These little teardrop sponges are a life saver. Simply run under water and they expand like a beauty blender, then buff onto the skin to remove any unwanted tan. These work fab on your hands where tan always likes to grab or when your mitt splits and stains your hands (happens way too often). Definitely a must have for any tanning fiend.

And that’s it my new tanning gang. Fool proof, affordable and effective! At £5 and under you really can’t go wrong. Have you tried anything from Solait? Or is there anything else i need from the range? Let me know in the comments! X


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