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The Suncream That’s Changing The Game

July 25, 2017

I’ll be the first to admit that i’m rather bad when it comes to applying SPF, unless i’m at the beach or on holiday i never really wear it. Sun cream is always something that is a bit of a ‘faf’, i hate the sticky feeling it leaves and how i always end up looking like Casper the friendly ghost. However i do know that it’s super important to wear it daily so when the guys at Frezyderm contacted me about their ‘Velvet Second Skin’ SPF*’ i was all ears.

Frezyderm have really changed the SPF game for me, on first impressions i was intrigued by the ‘velvet’ texture, defying everything i know about thick, greasy, white creams this formula was a dream. Frezyderm claim that this SPF can be used as a primer under makeup due to it’s colourless, matte formula which has been my favourite way to use it as i found that it instantly smoothed out my skin and even blurred my pores a little.

Despite it’s beauty primer aspects it boasts a factor of 50 so you can ensure you are getting just as good as protection as any regular SPF.

I’ve been using this everyday for the past week and 1/2 and i’m still so impressed with it, mainly because it’s the first facial SPF that hasn’t broke me out (yay!).  This little guy is definitely making it into my suitcase for my holiday this year! So if you need a new SPF this summer but hate the feeling of SPF they you may have just found your perfect match!

*disclaimer the lovely people at frezyderm did gift this product to me however as always all opinions are that of my own.




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