Recent Purchases | June 2017

June 11, 2017

Hello my lovelies! So for June i told myself i was going on a spending ban but low and behold 10 days in i’ve already broken it. I just can’t help myself when it comes to beauty i’m like a magpie! With that i thought i’d share with you the culprits of my ban…

Garnier Ultimate Blend Maple and Castor Oil Hair Balm-Mask
I’ve used the garnier ultimate blends line a few times now but I’ve never tried their masks. They’ve recently brought out a maple scent which is right up my street and it was offer so it happily made it into my basket. I’m yet to try this so i’ll have to keep you updated but the scent is beautiful and i like the look of the balm texture.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Smoothing Exfoliating Gel
I’ve been after a new face scrub for a while now but all the ones I’ve tried before have left my skin feeling tight and stripped. I’ve actually used this a scrub a few times already and so far so good. It does what it’s supposed to do but it doesn’t strip or irritate my sensitive skin and actually leaves it really hydrated. I’m now intrigued to try the rest of the hydro boost line.

The Ordinary Coverage Foundation
I’m so happy to finally be hauling this foundation after what feels like years on it’s waiting list! I’ve had the serum version for a while now and I’ve been obsessed but this was the one I was really looking forward to. Of course I’ve already tried this I couldn’t wait. It offers full coverage but doesn’t look or feel cakey, dries down to a Demi Matte finish and has amazing lasting power. I’m pretty sure this will become a staple.

Boots Botanics All Bright Radiant Concentrate Serum
This was a rather random purchase as I only picked it up as the whole ‘all bright’ line was reduced to £2.50. I’ve used a few products from botanics and I’ve always loved them so despite the price I’m excited to see how this performs.

W7 Strobe Time! Highlight Palette in It’s Glow Time
If you haven’t seen already I’ve been obsessed with the strobe time highlighting palette from W7 so when I saw the same palette in a difference shade I was sold. I urge you all to try these palettes they are beautiful!

Essence 2in1 Highlight & Contour Stick
Last in my mini haul is a contour stick from my favourite purse friendly brand, essence. I’ve been a massive fan of essence for a few years now and some of their products are my holy grail. When I saw that they had released a contour stick I was excited, anything to make contouring a little more simple. The products itself has really impressed me, the highlight end is okay I can give or take it but the contour end, holy moly it’s fab. The perfect tone, not too warm not too cool, super creamy and blends like a dream. At only a few £’s it really is a steal.

And that’s it, not a major spending spree but i still broke my ban, sorry bank account! Is their anything you’ve picked up recently that you’ve been obsessed with?


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