My Holy Grail Makeup Brushes

June 30, 2017

Aside from lipstick the biggest collection of products i own are makeup brushes, i feel like you can never have too many! I’m not a use your fingers gal (nothing wrong with it it’s just not my preferred method) so I’ve always got loads different brushes for different purposes. My collection is constantly growing however there are a few gems that i always go back to or that are staples in my daily routine and here they are …



l to r – elf powder brush. spectrum c03, RT contour brush, elf highlighting brush 
l to r – ebay blending brush, spectrum A12, spectrum B06, spectrum A14

Real Tecniques Buffing Brush (Not Pictured) ( Core Collection)
My holy grail foundation brush but stupidly i forgot to add it in the photo! The buffing brush sadly isn’t avabliable on it’s own (lord knows why, come on RT), however you can get it in the core, Berlin and flawless base collections. If i’m not using my beauty blender then this is the only other tool i’ll be using to apply foundation!
Elf Studio Beautifully Precise Powder Brush
Elf make some of the best if not THEE best affordable brushes around and they make up 40/50% of my brush collection. Of of my favs is the beautifully precise powder brush, now let me tell you this is the softest brush i think i’ve ever felt in my life and i adore it. It has a massive head so it’s perfect for applying setting powder all over or my other favourite use it applying bronzer to my chest when i’m tanned! 

Real Techniques Blush Brush
Despite the name my actual favorite use for this brush is for bronzer. For me personally this brush is too big for blush as i only like to apply a tiny amount but for bronzer it’s a dream. It’s quite the cult favourite and for a reason. 

Spectrum C03 Flawless Finish Tulip Powder Brush 
So a couple of months ago i finally invested in some brushes from spectrum after drooling over them for forever. I picked up the Bombshell Collection from a pro trade hair and beauty event so i got quite a good deal on them. Fast forward a few months and i can’t imagine my life without them (a tad dramatic), they are the softest yet sturdiest brushes i’ve ever used and not to mention they are so athestically pleasing and ovbiously super instagramable, One of my favs is the C03 tulip powder brush, perfect so many reasons but recently i’ve been using it to set my under eyes. 

Real Techniques Contour Brush (Berlin Collection)
Yet another real techniques brush but this one is from the Berlin collection (i think it might be a set exclusive but don’t quote me). Perfect for, you guessed it, contouring. It the perfect size to get right in the hollows for your cheeks and blends out powder beautifully. I also used to use it for blending my under eye concelaer and that worked fab too. 

My HG highlighting brush, it’s fluffy, soft and has the perfect taperd shape. I couldn’t do highlight without it!

Ebay Blending Brush
So a few years back now i picked up a cheap pack of makeup brushes on ebay as as a student money was tight. Not expecting much but was pleasently suprised when the qulaity of the brushes turned out to be amazing. There’s not one dud in the set and i still use them all to this day. The real gem of the set however is the fluffy blending brush, perfect for apply your transition eye shadow shade, blending everything out and soften edges. I actually brought another pack of these brushes just to get a back up of this brush. 

As mentioned above i invested in the spectrum bombshell collection and theres been a few eye brushes that i’ve been using daily first being the  A12 Draw Me Pretty Fluffy Pencil Brush perfect for highlighting the inner corner and applying highlight to the brow bone and cupids bow. Next is the Spectrum A14 Wing It Brow Definer which as the name suggests is perfect for brows and finally the Spectrum B06 Blending Friend Tall Tapered Blending Brush  which i use for applying and blending out any crease colours. 

So there you have it, my HG makeup brushes! Do you have any can’t live without brushes?



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