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Foundation Spotlight | Full Coverage Favourites

January 19, 2017

Hello my lovelies! So here’s my first post for 2017. Finally!! If you saw my last post you’d know i’ve been having a meltdown with my laptop arghhh but hey i’m here now!  I thought i’d kick it off with a foundation spotlight post, first up full coverage favourites, hope you enjoy!


 Milani Foundation & Concealer 
Everyone and their mothers rave about this foundation and i can see why. I has amazing coverage and leaves a flawless demi matt finish. I holds up really well and looks as great in the morning as it does at night. 

Mac Studio Fix Fluid 

This was one of the first full coverage foundations i ever brought. I few years ago i was really struggling with redness and skin pigment issues and nothing was covering it. I decided to pop into mac to get matched up with a foundation and was recommended this one. It has brilliant coverage but you defiantly can feel it on the skin, it’s not uncomfortable but it doesn’t exactly feel like your skin. I tend to save this foundation for nights out or special events.

Rimmel Lasting Finish  

Finding a good full coverage foundation in the drugstore is a hard task. A lot i’ve tried haven’t lived up to the ‘full coverage’ claim apart from this one. It has a flawless finish and is really comfortable to wear, it almost feels like a second layer of skin. Rimmel really hit the nail on the head when it comes to drugstore foundations

Elf Acne Fighting Foundation
The newest edition to my foundation favourites. This foundation was cult a few years ago but i never got around to trying it for myself as i didn’t think it would be great for my skin as i don’t have acne. This foundation contains salicylic acid which helps fight acne (like the name suggests). However after seeing it pop up on youtube and blog posts lately i thought i would give it a whirl. It was actually quite hard to track down as the UK ELF site doesn’t stock this only the US site. I did end up finding it on iHerb, they have a lot of ELF products that the UK site doesn’t stock. I think this foundation was about £3/£4, defiantly the cheapest foundation i’ve ever used but the quality it not reflected in the price. I keep this foundation for ‘the time of the month’ when my skin breaks out as it offers treatment and coverage at the same time. 

What are your full coverage foundation favourites? I’m planning on doing a dewy skin foundation favourites too so keep your eyes peeled! (Also how many times can i say foundation in one post?) Thanks for reading!

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