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Finding The One (In A Foundation)

March 19, 2018


You know that feeling when you’ve found the one. You just know. I think I’ve found it … in a foundation.

Okay a slightly dramatic claim but i’m going there. Foundation has to be my favourite makeup item, it’s the product i buy and own the most of in my stash. I’m constantly in search of and trialling new foundations, the good, the bad and the damn right ugly. However this month a new one ‘walked’ into my life and changed the game. And for $5.99 (£4.30)!!

The foundation in question is the Wet n’ Wild Photofocus Foundation.  A cult favourite in the US and i see why. I’d been eyeing this foundation up for a while but due to it not being readily available in the uk (apart from amazon) i put it off. However my best friend recently returned home from studying in New York and low and behold she picked me a bottle up!

Despite the reviews i wasn’t actually expecting to love it as much as i do. I thought due to the price it would be a budget friendly option i liked not something i choose over any higher end  foundation in my collection. This foundation has it all it offers a medium to full coverage that buildable and breathable.

It makes my skin look flawless and still manages to look like my skin. The formula is long wearing and looks as good at 9pm as it did at 9am. One of the main reasons i love this foundation is that it doesn’t break up on my oily skin, especially on my nose. It’s something i always struggle with even with high end foundations no matter how much i set it or what primer i use.

The foundation has a matte but not flat finish and looks great in photo’s. The foundation was actually tested under 7 different lighting conditions and was proven to look flawless in every one and i have to agree. It’s one of those foundations i can pop on in the morning and not have to worry about what it looks like throughout the day, and that’s the main goal in a foundation.

Okay raving aside, as you can probably tell i really love this foundation and i can see myself repurchasing it time and time again. If you haven’t tried it yet i urge you to hop onto amazon and pick yourself one up. For the price you can’t go wrong. For reference i wear the shade ‘nude ivory’ and it’s a perfect match, in mac terms i’m a NC15.

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