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Disappointing Products #1

March 15, 2017
Hello my lovelies! Some of my favourite posts to read are monthly favourites and empties, i love finding out what people are loving that month and any great discoveries. However things aren’t always buttercups and daisies sometimes there are some not so great products out there so i find disappointing post really helpful. As a little disclaimer just because these products didn’t work for me doesn’t mean they wont work for you and in no way am i bashing and brands as a whole. That all said, on with the show!

Batiste 2in1 Shampoo & Conditioner
Dry shampoo is my life, i simply can’t live without it. I’ve tried a lot of them over the past few years but i always come back to Batiste. It’s the best of the best in my opinion, lots of different scents but most importantly it gets the job done. Now when they launched the 2in1 Dry shampoo and conditioner i was expecting great things however i was massively disappointed. Quite frankly this is awful. Smells great but it makes your hair incredibly greasy, worse off than when you started which defeats the whole object of a dry shampoo. I’m not really sure where they were going with this launch which is sad because i’m a massive fan normally.

Rimmel Colour Precise Liquid Eyeliner
Okay this one got me riled up straight away. I ran out of eyeliner last week so i made a mad rush to my local boots to grab another of my trusty loreal liner but they were out of stock. Deciding there an then that life was over i unwillingly headed to the rimmel stand and picked up the first liquid liner i saw and was done with it. Big mistake. Once home i swatched the eyeliner on my hand and was baffled at the pigmenation, wondering if i had actually picked up grey by mistake? This eyeliner is awful! I don’t know how rimmel can claim this eyeliner as ‘colour precise’ and 24 hour wear when it has no pigmentation! Sad of rimmel as they are always on the ball with their products and i’ve been loyal to them for years. 

Helen E Skin Smoother
Okay so this was a random purchase that i got bribed into buying by a pushy sales rep at a hair and beauty event. Helen E is a professional makeup brand sold in salons and online to MUA’s. As a professional brand i was expecting good things but i was wrong. This product does absolutely nothing, i don’t understand it’s purpose. It add no ‘smoothing’ effect, no coverage, not even any colour. I’m plain baffled?

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer 

Everyone and their mothers rave about this concealer comparing it to high end alternatives. Now it’s not a bad product, just as a the title suggests ‘disappointing’. It didn’t think it was that great, i didn’t offer enough coverage for my liking. Also i have the lightest shade 110 (i believe)and still it’s too dark, i don’t ever really have that problem in other brands which in turn made dislike the product straight away as it gave no brightening effect.

MUA Matte Black Liquid Liner

On first impression with this eyeliner i was blown away, the pigmentation is amazing and it’s a great matte effect that dries quickly but gives you enough time to apply. The applicator is a little stiff and drags on the lid a little but i can work with that. The thing that got me with this eyeliner is that after about an hour it had all crumbled off! I mean literally crumbled it was all under my eye and on my cheeks. As the liner dries matte it goes sort of solid on your eyelid then as you keep blinking it causes the liner to crumble. Really disappointing as it looked great at first!

Soap and Glory Gloss Stick in Nudist

Now this product is really disappointing, for a few years now I’ve loved the soap and glory gloss stick in nudist. I’ve used it up countless times and i always repurchase. It’s a lovely gloss in stick form with a nude tone that was perfect for everyday wear. When i went to repurchase i had a little panic when i couldn’t see it at the counter, however there it was low down in ‘new’ packaging? Half the size might i add too. When i first went to apply the new impostor i was so disappointed, the formulation was completely different and when you wind the stick up there is barely any product in the barrel. Don’t get me wrong the new product isn’t bad and at £3.50 i can get over the size but i just wasn’t as good as it was before. I feel like I’ve lost my trusty sidekick 🙁

I think that’s enough Debbie downer for this post! I hope you enjoyed it x


  • Zara McIntosh

    March 20, 2017 at 6:57 pm

    I was disappointed with the Fit Me concealer too, I'm now just sticking with my body shop one or the collection lasting perfection one. I also love the soap and glory sticks, it's a shame the one you tried wasn't the best!
    Zara xx

  • My Many Loves

    March 20, 2017 at 11:23 pm

    It just didn't meet the hype for me! The lasting perfection Concealer is amazing! It wasn't bad just not how it was before ? -amy x x x.

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