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January 15, 2017
Hello my lovelies. You always see monthly favourites of people sharing things they’ve been loving that month in particular, but i personally love seeing what are people’s go to products day to day. The some what ‘mundane’ daily essentials if you have it. 
My most used product has to be the Dove Maximum Protection Deodorant. Of course deodorant is a daily necessity. This one is great in particular if you do find yourself sweating a lot or if you are conscious of any Oder. It keep you smelling fresh and dry all day long and doesn’t dry out your pits like some spray deodorants do.
On days i wash my hair (which admitadly isn’t that often) i love the Osmo Wonder 10 Leave in Conditioner  . I have the worlds knottyest hair especially when it’s wet, this stuff is the only thing that helps get through it. It leaves my hair so silky and shiny. I couldn’t be without it.
Moisturiser is of course a major part of my daily routine. I do tend to switch it up every now and then but for the past 6 months i’ve been loving the Boots Botanics Hydration Burst Day Cream. I have really sensitive and dehydrated skin so a lot of products can really irritate my skin. However i love the botanics range as they contain a lot of natural ingrediants and work well for senstive skin. This day cream in particualr is really hyrdating and makes a great base for makeup. 
Micellar water has to be one of the greatest inventions ever. My holy grail is the Garnier Oil Infused Micellar Water I go through bottles of this like there’s no tomorrow. I use it every night without fail to take of the bulk of my makeup before cleansing and its just spectacular. 
Another daily essential is the Mario Badescu Facial Spray  i use this in many ways. As a toner, to wet my beauty blender, to set makeup, to wet eyeshadows for better pigmentation and many many other ways. Think of it like a mac fix plus but with better ingredients. 
The holy grail of all things holy, Batiste Dry Shampoo. Where on earth would we be without dry shampoo? I don’t even want to admit how many bottles of this i get through of this… 
Moisturising my body was something i was really bad at adding into my skincare routine, for my face a nessescity but i always skipped out on my body unless i was having a pamper night. However it’s now a daily ritual. I’m not loyal to any certain one but at the moment i’ loving the Original Source Watermelon& Jojoba Body Cream it has a really fresh scent and it sinks in lovely to the skin and doesn’t leave me feeling tacky.
What are some of your daily favourites? Any matching mine? Let me know! Hope you liked it.


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