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Contouring Products For Beginners

September 23, 2016

Hello my loves! Over the past couple of years highlighting and contouring have taken the makeup world by storm thanks to the likes of Kim Kardashian. Contouring is a tricky skill to master but when you do it can really transform your look. Here are a few of my favourite products for contouring.






(L to R : contour stick contour end, contour stick highlighter end, nyx taupe, la girl toast)


(swatches from the freedom palette)

NYX HD Blush in ‘Taupe’ £5.50
The beauty world’s favourite powder contour. It’s the perfect shade as it has an ashy tone to it which helps to ‘hollow’ the cheeks without looking ghostly. Powders are great for beginners are they are more easy to blend and there’s less room for error

La Girl Pro Conceal in ‘Toast’ £5.00

A Concealer that’s 3/4 shades darker than your skin tone works well as a cream contour. It’s a little more tricky to blend but it does give a pro contour effect.

Freedom Pro Strobe Palette £10.00

An all in one contour palette like this one from freedom is great as you have everything in one place. There’s also a few shades to choose from or you can mix and match to create the perfect shade for you.

Freedom Pro Contour Stick £5.00

A contour stick is a quick and easy way to fake bone structure. This stick from freedom makeup is great as it blends seamlessly and doesn’t make you look like you have a brown line on your face.

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