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Brand Focus | W7 Cosmetics

April 10, 2017


I love high end products but really i’m a drugstore gal through and through. Having a cheaper price point it fun to have room to try lots of new things and not feel like i’m breaking the bank. When it comes to high end i do my research but drugstore typically is on a whim. One drugstore brand that’s been on my radar is W7. Not overly accessible in store but is online everywhere. Here are my thoughts on a few of their products…

W7 are a brand similar to that of makeup revolution where they ‘dupe’ higher end products. On one hand it’s great as not everyone can afford higher end version but again i get that it’s not showing much creativity from the brand and is pretty much ripping off the high end brand.

One product that is a complete rip of is the 

Hollywood Bronze & Glow  remind you of anything? Charlotte Tilbury filmstar bronze and glow by any chance? This dupes the product almost word for word and colour wise. I love this cheaper alternative. The bronzer is a lovely cooler tone and the highlight is my favourite as it doesn’t contain chunky glitter. As you can see from the photo’s i’ve hit pan majorly and already have one in back up!

Foundation wise i have the Genius Feather Light Foundation  and the Photoshoot Foundation. The genius foundation has a pipett style applicator which i actually really love. The consistency is super liquidy hence the pipette. It gives a light buildable coverage perfect for ‘no makeup’ makeup days. On the other end of the spectrum is the photoshoot foundation, super thick in consistency to the point where you barely get it out of the damn bottle, it also has no pump which is frustrating. Packaging woes aside it offers full coverage and a natural finish, it’s definitely one you can feel on the skin though. 

Another set of ‘dupe’ products are their boxed bronzers and blushers. The Honolulu Bronzer  is their answer of course to the benefit Hula bronzer. It has a nice tone to it neither too cool nor too warm the perfect middle ground it does however have quite a powdery feel so a little goes a long way. The blusher i have is the The Honey Queen Blusher  a lot like the benefit rockateur blush but a little more warmer rather than pink. This blush has a lot of shimmer in it which is not everyone cup of tea. For me personally i use this more as a golden highlight. 

Lastly i have the Mega Matte Lips in Oddball  the same as all matte lip creams in consistency, feel and scent. Identical to the NYX offering. It has great colour pay off and is really comfortable to wear. Even more affordable than the NYX version and twice the size!

All in all from what I’ve tried i’m impressed. If your looking for a budget friendly brand i would definitely recommend giving them a try! I get mine from my local B&M store or you can get them online.

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