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Brand Focus | Essence | Hits & Misses

January 17, 2017

Hello my loves! In my makeup collection i have quite the accumulation of products from each different brand. I thought it was a good idea to create a ‘brand focus’ series and focus on one brand’s hits and misses. Now these are obviously all in my opinion so if they didn’t work for me that doesn’t necessarily mean they won’t work for you but i guess you know the drill. First up i’m road testing budget friendly brand essence.




Swatches L to R : long lasting lipstick in come naturally, matt lip gloss in ready set impress, lip liner in in the nude, pretty-fying lip oil in sos my heart.



Swatches L to R : Sun club bronzer in lighter skin, satin touch blush in satin coral, matt touch blush in rose me up, strobing highlighter.



Matt & Satin Touch Blushers
These blushers are a real steal, available in a variety of shades and either a matt or satin finish. They have brilliant pigmentation and feel really buttery. They may not have the best wear time but at £1 you can’t argue. 

Strobing Highlighter
Unfortunately this was a big miss for me. This highlighter is one of the chalkiest powders I’ve ever worked with. When swirling my brush in i instantly had a lot of kickback, that aside i still gave it a good run but it just didn’t work. It added no glow or highlight to my cheeks and almost was like an extremely pale blusher which is disappointing because in the pan it looked really promising.

Make Me Brow Brow Mascara

This little guy has become my new best friend. If you are a fan of the benefit gimme brow then you need to try this. Almost identical in formula and in the brush style at fraction of the price. It even mimics the name!

Matt Matt Matt Lipgloss

Another great product from essence. This ‘gloss’ is really lovely. Brilliant colour pay off and is very true to colour of the bottle. Although i wouldn’t quite call it matt it has more of a satin finish without the glitter if that makes sense? Again wouldn’t call it a gloss either more of a liquid lipstick. None the less a lovely lip product. 

Get Picture Ready Brightening Concealer

This concealer was a major flop. I had really high hopes for this one as being labelled a ‘brightening concealer’ is right up my street. However this had no brightening effect whatsoever and offered little to no coverage. As a concealer to not live up to either of those claims instantly made it a miss. 

All About Matt Fixing Powder

My ‘holy grail’ product, not just of essence but is also up there in my top 5 makeup purchases ever. I was a little wary of this powder on first impressions as i thought it might have a white cast and would make me look chalky. However this powder blew me away. Once my makeup is done i apply this all over and it just performs magic, it helps everything bless together seamlessly and makes my skin flawless. I real diamond in the dust, i urge everyone to pick this little guy up.

Pretty-Fying Lip Oil 

Lip oils have been all the rage lately in the beauty world and with the weather being so cold my lips have really taken a beating so this lip oil sounded perfect. Now though it did feel lovely on the lips and added a nice wash of colour that’s where it stopped. It didn’t hydrated my lips at all despite the claims of containing jojoba oil. This lip oil acted as a lip gloss more than anything, not something i will ever repurchases.

Sun Club Bronzer – Lighter Skin

If there’s one thing you buy from essence let it be this bronzer. First off it smells like a tropical paradise but scent aside it’s a really lovely product. I find cheap bronzer’s tend to be really orange or really muddy. The colour of this bronzer is the perfect meet in the middle, it’s warm toned but not orange yet you could contour with it and it not appear too warm. It’s not at all chalky in texture almost buttery and blends like a dream. I real must have.

XXXL Shine Lipgloss – Clear

When it comes to gloss i tend to steer to drugstore as they all do pretty much the same thing. As long as it’s not gloopy or sticky then i’m bound to like it. The essence glosses are just that, they also have a really nice scent and are ultra glossy which i love. I have a few in my collection but my favourite has to be the staple clear version. 

Lip Liners

I love love love these liners, so much so that they have their own blog post that you can read here so i won’t go into detail here.

Long Lasting Lipstick
Essence as a brand make great lipsticks. They have a variety of different finishes and styles, my favourite is the long lasting line. The long lasting line are lovely and creamy have feel so comfortable on the lip and as the name suggests have a great wear time. At only £1.50/£2 the lipsticks a steal worth trying.

Essence cosmetics are available in store and online at Wilko for the UK and online at Essence for those of you in the US. 



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