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Blogging Apps You Need

March 27, 2017

Photo / Photo Editing
The best app for creating text post pictures. You can make them on the pre sized templates i.e twitter header size, Facebook cover photo size etc… It has lots of great features and is on of my most used apps.
Another great app for adding text, clip art and frames. It has endless editing opportunities. My favourite use for this app is to watermark my photo’s without having the apps water mark on it.
The best app for photo editing. Colorstory has lots of beautiful filters, my favourite being ‘pop’,  you can also do most of your normal editing in the app like crop, brighten, exposure and so on,
This app is probably on everyone list and for a great reason. I use this app most for the lighting of my photo’s it has lots of great tools to brighten and bring your photo’s to life.
My most useful app, i take all of my blog photo’s on my iPhone so i need a way of getting them all onto my laptop easily. Dropbox does just that. I have a few different folders and i simply upload the photo’s from my photo to the albums and i can access them on my laptop. It also works visa versa so i can upload from my laptop and access them on my phone. It’s also great to know they are all backed up in case i lose anything!
Socal Media Management 
My favourite app for scheduling tweets for  blog posts. I simply input the blog link and attach a photo and shedule for whatever time i want and it does all the work for me. It also gives you the option to set the amount of times you want the said tweet to be tweeted. This app helps so much in helping promote my content.
More for lesuire more than anything but i think having the bloglovin app is important. I’m always scrolling thorough my feed and catching up with other bloggers posts. It’s also handy to easily check my own stats.
A Shortcut To Your Own Blog
Pretty basic but something i always use. Adding a shortcut link to your blog makes it simple to acess your blog with one click. See how it looks to others and make sure that everything looks good. Simply go to your blog in safari and click the little share icon and click add to home screen and voila!
Google keep is one of my most favourite apps for blogging. Think of it as the normal iphone notes app on steroids. I use this to make blogging realated notes, plan blog posts, make wish lists. shopping list and many many more. Simply sign up with your google account and you can access the notes anywhere anytime. I love typing up blogpost on the go on my phone then copy and pasting them when i get access to the app my laptop.


  • Jay

    November 21, 2017 at 10:22 pm

    This is the first I’ve heard of google keep but I’m metaphorically running to the App Store to download as we speak. Does Dropbox work with any phone/laptop combo? Xx

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