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£6 ABH Modern Renaissance Dupe?

January 4, 2018

I’m a drugstore gal through and through and i’m always on the hunt for a bargain. Finding drugstore dupes for a higher end product is like a fun past time for me as i love playing around and comparing products.

Today’s star is a dupe for the ever loved Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette. Welcome the ‘W7 Delicious Palette‘. W7 is a brand along the lines of makeup revolution that ‘dupe’ higher end brands and make drugstore version more affordable and attainable. I don’t own a modern renaissance palette on hand myself, but i do work with one in my salons pro kit so i’m familiar with the consistency and performance.

Price wise the ABH MR comes in at £43 which i personally think is hella steep for an eyeshadow palette. The W7 palette varies in price, on the w7 website it comes in at £12.95 but you can always their products cheaper elsewhere on sites like Xtra’s and Fragrance Direct. On Xtra’s the palette comes in at £4.99. So price wise it’s a massssive comparason.

Onto packaging the ABH MR has a pink suede casing which i do love but it does get messy, my one is actually filthy with shadows. The W7 palettes packaging is very reflective of the price. It’s quite a flimsy cardboard casing but it does have a mirror so brownie points for that. The ABH palette has shade names where as the W7 counterpart doesn’t, not something major but it’s a nice touch to have the names. Both palettes come with a brush and i’m not a fan of either of them personally but they aren’t horrendous so it’s handy to have for travelling.

Now the most important part consistency and shades. To look and both palettes are almost identical in shades, the W7 is clearly a rip off version and they haven’t even tried to hide it. Matching shades are pretty much all in the same place. Consistency wise ABH have one of my favourite shadow consistencies. They feel buttery, apply like a dream and blend out beautifully. The colour pay off is second to none but there is a little fall out in the pallete due to it’s pressed pigment formula but as someone who typically applies their shadow first it’s not a deal breaker.

Formula wise for the W7 palette, obviously it’s not on par. The shadows take a little more time to build but they still blend out really well. They are a little more chalky in consistency but that doesn’t transpire on the eyes, and they have little to no fall out so a lot less than ABH.

All in all if you are on a budget i don’t think you can go wrong. I wouldn’t call it a dupe as such more of a cheaper alternative. The W7 palette has now become a staple in my everyday makeup routine, i don’t think i would ever favour it over the ABH palette performance wise, but for your day to day makeup it’s a real steal.

Have you tried any dupes from W7?


  • Rachael

    January 5, 2018 at 5:17 pm

    Interesting to see these compared by someone who has the original – I swatched this in store, i’ve never splurged on the OG as I’ve felt like I wouldn’t get enough wear out of it for the price but was intrigued by the W7 version at that price – but felt like it didn’t swatch well at all with my finger let alone a brush. Glad to hear it is workable and just requires building up though. I’m tempted to try the Makeup Revolution dupe that just launched over this one though
    Helpless Whilst Drying

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