5 Instagrams I Love #1

June 6, 2017
Despite my annoyance at the new instagram algotrithm i still adore the app. I get a lot of my blog traffic from there and i love interacting with other bloggers. Scrolling through instagram is the first thing i do in the morning and the last thing at night, yes i know i have an addiction. I wanted to make this a little series as i love sharing the love and telling you all about my favourite insta’s. So without further a do meet …

Ellie’s insta is goals, her floral and ribbon theme has me swooning! If you love all things beauty then make sure to give her a follow. 

Samantha | @thebeautyspyglass
Samantha was one of the first handful of bloggers i came across when i first started blogging. Her blog is amazing and her instagram is just as. Her pastel theme is so aesthetically pleasing that it grabs me in when i’m doing the daily scroll on my feed. 

Another beauty blogger i love is Paige from Currently Lately. I’m always down for a marble background and Paige’s insta does not disappoint. She also sticks with colour scheme’s within her posts and i love that, i love the dedication she has to her theme!

Sophie | @sopharsosnaps
Sophie has quickly become one of my favourite style/travel bloggers. I love her casual chic style and her travel photo’s give me major wanderlust.

Fatima | @fatimawrites_

Fatima’s insta packs the whole punch. Fashion, beauty and life style. I love her sense of style and her photography skills are fab! Make sure to give her a follow and say hi! 
And there they are, the lovely ladies of the moment! I’m always looking for new people to follow on insta so make sure you leave your links in the comments below! X 


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